I Love Inspiring Myself By Reading Quotes From My Favorite Books

I love inspiring myself by reading quotes

I love inspiring myself by reading quotes from my favorite books and watching scenes from my favorite movies. I like escaping into fantasy before facing my current reality because it’s easier to get things done when the excitement is fresh, and that’s one of my weird habits: I prepare myself for productivity by feeling really good. That could also mean drinking a cup of coffee, taking a cold shower, smoking a cigarette, saying a very random joke to my brother or mom just to see them smile and I’d like to think that the little joys that are scattered within a day are infinite because being playful, taking care of yourself and following your bliss. Those are the things that lead you and me and everyone else to true progress, real satisfaction and authentic success in life. Let’s choose to inspire ourselves each and every day.
– Juansen Dizon


Amanda Rose

Hey! I love reading quotes on the internet because I feel they are the best way to express your feelings without saying much. When I am not poring over quotes, I love to bake and play with my adorable pit bull, Max.View Author posts