I know That It Feels Like Your Entire Life Is Hanging On Certain Decisions

i know that your certain life decisions

I know that it feels like your entire life is hanging on certain decisions. That moving forward feels terrifying because you don’t want to make the wrong choice. That you can’t make the wrong choice. Because if you do – if you walk down this path and things don’t work out — your entire life will fall apart and you’ll never be able to go back and undo the damage. But the truth is that the decisions in your life don’t have to be all or nothing. There aren’t only two options, and the options don’t have to be limited to ‘you succeed and experience joy’, or ‘you fail and experience pain’. Life is fluid. It’s unpredictable and always changing. And its resilient. No single choice is strong enough to make or break your life. Nothing you choose has to be the end of you. You can always walk down a different path. You can always close doors that don’t serve you and open new ones that do. You never have to stay stuck. There are always options.

—Daniell Koepke

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