Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs: How You Escape Reality Based On Astrology


Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs

Do you have a healthy coping mechanism? Or do you escape reality when things get difficult? Reading about the coping mechanisms of zodiacs can help you get insights into your own coping skills.

Life can be a little too much at times and this is when we feel the need to escape our reality if not at all, but at least for some time! We all have our own way of coping with circumstances and a go-to escape activity or place. For some, it is reading a book, slipping in bed, binge-watching series, and some will just meditate.

But sometimes, our coping mechanisms aren’t healthy for us, but we do them anyway for the relief that they offer us. But have you ever thought whether our coping choices, good or bad, are somehow ingrained in our zodiac personality?

If we go through the coping mechanisms of each zodiac sign, we’ll find that the stars have something to do with our compulsive choices for escaping reality. Find your zodiac sign and see for yourself whether the particular sign’s coping mechanisms for escaping reality resonate with you.

Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs: How You Escape Reality Based On Astrology

This is how you try to escape reality based on your zodiac sign!

Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs

1. Aries ( March 21- April 19)

The dreamy Aries always have one thought or the other in their mind. Especially, when dealing with a difficult situation or failure, their head space becomes cluttered with junky thoughts. This makes them irritable.

As per the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, they do a lot of physical training and exercises to escape from reality. From Cardio to freehand, you name it! They will sweat off the stress for a calmer and cluttered-free reality. They are into the sweaty escape.

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2. Taurus ( April 20- May 20)

According to the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, these stubborn bulls take a lot of time to deal with changes and failures. They like everything to be hunky-dory in their world!

And you gotta admit, Netflix gives you the absolute slice of the oasis when your world is in chaos. I completely get why you love binge-watching films and series on Netflix so much! Let’s face it, nothing beats stress more than getting lost in someone else’s happy story.

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3. Gemini ( May 21- June 20)

Oh, the charming and talkative Geminis lead lives in full size… Err… I mean gossip size! Their form of escaping reality is in the form of gossip and long chats.

The coping mechanisms of zodiacs say that they love to go on and on about what is wrong in their life and bitching about the people who did them wrong. It gives them the validation that “oh yes my life sucks because of this person X”.

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4. Cancer ( June 21- July 22)

According to the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, the eternally romantic Cancerians survive on romance and happily-ever-after tales! They believe in happy endings and love conquers all!

They would rather swoon over Eric Segal’s Love Story or let Mr. Darcy make them believe that all is well in the world… (Albeit the world is fictional here)

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5. Leo ( July 23- August 21)

Leos love being the subject of attraction and feeding on their royalty egos. What better way to escape reality and be the center of attention than taking a mike in an open auditorium and displaying your oratory or musical skills?

As per the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, the regal Leos are into Showy escape and their bold and “devil may care” attitude helps them to pull it off with elan.

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6. Virgo ( August 23- September 22)

The oh-so-very practical Virgos do not even know the meaning of escapism. I mean what is an escape, when there are so many things to deal with?

The coping mechanisms of zodiacs read that the Virgos dive headfirst into the core of the issues. Their stance on escapism is “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape!”

7. Libra (September 23- October 21)

The beautiful and charming Libras want to lead life in style, comfort, and riches. And so their form of escapism is also very stylish!

The coping mechanisms of zodiacs say that Libras would take a week-long vacay, making it a point that everyone knows where they are and how they are chilling. What better way can there be than holidaying at an exotic location to escape reality?

8. Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

The very seductive and passionate Scorpios love and I mean really love intense lovemaking! They would rather lose themselves in the tangle of skin and sheets rather than tough realities and failures.

According to the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, Scorpios’ escapism mojo is “Let’s sleep on it please”. Get it?

9. Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

The adventurous Saggis will go for a run on the beach, take a hike, or plan an impromptu holiday to an unknown island. Adventure is in their veins and as per the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, they escape reality by putting on their adventurous shoes.

10. Capricorn ( December 22- January 19)

According to the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, the practical and responsible Caps like to meditate or do therapeutic exercises to calm down and take their mind off of the troubles of reality.

You can only function well when you are at peace with yourself. They know it very well. So they do meditation and then they think about their next plan of action. The mode of escapism for the Capricorns is to switch on their meditative lights.

11. Aquarius ( January 20- February 18)

The free-spirited and quirky Aquarians have a wide range of escape mechanisms; from smoking pot and gardening to simply having thoughts of an alternate happy situation in their minds. They’re flexible and versatile with their escape mechanism.

12. Pisces (February 19- March 20)

According to the coping mechanisms of zodiacs, the talented Pisces seek refuge from reality in their creativity. That may be writing, painting, music, etc. A creative outlet gives them that much-needed break in times of great stress and worry.

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Fellas of all zodiacs, now that you know your escape mechanisms, take a deep breath and take a holiday from the troubles for a while, but yes, don’t get lost while you are dodging reality. Please do find your way back soon!

So, that’s all on the coping mechanisms of star signs. Now that you know all about how zodiacs escape reality, let us know your thoughts on the “Zodiacs Coping Mechanism” by commenting down below!

Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs
Zodiac Sign Coping Mechanisms
Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs
Zodiacs Coping Mechanisms For Escaping Reality
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Coping Mechanisms Of Zodiacs detail

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