How to Make Yourself Happier

If you are struggling with a low mood, it is likely you want to find more reasons to smile and add more meaning into your life. Fortunately, there are numerous tactics you can employ to lift your mood every day.

While happiness can mean different things to different people, there are some common tactics that could boost your spirits. For more information, read this helpful guide on how to make yourself happier.

Stop Procrastinating

Many people are tempted to procrastinate each day to achieve immediate satisfaction, which can lead to the release of dopamine, which is a feel-good hormone. As a result, you might be more tempted to relax on the sofa in front of the TV over working out in a gym or going for a run.

However, the temporary high can lead to permanent dissatisfaction, as procrastination can stop people from achieving their goals. So, stop wasting your time and start ticking important activities off your to-do list. You’ll feel better for it in the long-term.


Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulnesscan potentially improve a person’s mental health and increase their feelings of happiness. In fact, a studyfound that people who embarked on mindfulness meditation enjoyed improvements to their stress levels, mood, and quality of life. It could, therefore, be the key to long-lasting happiness.

To practice mindfulness meditation, you should:

  1. Find a quiet spot
  2. Sit upright in a comfortable position
  3. Relax your body
  4. Think about the intention of meditation(such as energizingyour body or decreasing negative thinking)
  5. Focus on inhaling and exhaling
  6. Stop your mind from wandering

Mindful meditation could also improve your concentration, prevent overthinking, support a sleeping pattern, and may help to reduce anxiety.


Make Time for Travel

Travelling to different destinations can lead to a more fulfilling life, as you could see the world from many different perspectives. What’s more, it will provide you with an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, experience new cultures and make new friends.

Travel could, therefore, boost your feelings of happiness. In fact, even the anticipation of a vacation can reportedly lift a person’s mood. So, give yourself a trip to look forward to by planning your 2020 holidays.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

According to research, sleep is connected to overall happiness. If you are sleep deprived, you will be more likely to experience higher levels of stress, and you could increase your risk of depression. Plus, it may lead to weight gain, which could potentially affect your self-esteem.

However, a good night’s rest can make a person feel more alert, could increase their brain plasticity and can help them to handle heavy workloads. So, you will feel more energized, and you will be less likely to succumb to stress.


Step Away from Your Smartphone

A Kent State University study found that frequent smartphone use can negatively impact a person’s happiness. After surveying 500 students, the study found that people who frequently used their smartphone experienced higher levels of anxiety, lower grades, and reduced happiness.

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