How To Make A Man CARE About You

Follow these tips to make your man care about you.

‘Wanting’ you is easy. THIS is how you make him fall in love.

Men are driven by the physical. This is biologically true. But don’t be fooled — they, just as us women do, crave an emotional and meaningful connection, too.

To build this connection, you must navigate through the noise and stimulate the emotions mentally. The good news is: Doing that is easier than you think.

A couple of years back at a lunch, a friend of mine asked my then boyfriend, “How did you know you were ready for a relationship with Ravid?”

My boyfriend’s answer:

“About two weeks into us seeing each other, there was a naked woman in my bed, and I couldn’t sleep with her. I could only think of Ravid.”

I gave him the side-eye as he continued, “Sure, naked women are fun, but Ravid and I were actually talking about some real life shit.”

My boyfriend and I weren’t exclusive at the time so no harm, no foul, but his story did make me reflect on past relationships where we had “instant connection.” Here’s what I noticed was in place in each of those deeper connections:

From the very beginning, we would talk about the real shit.

Instant connections aren’t built with the superficial: What’s-your-favorite-xyx questions, conversations about your careers, or what you did this weekend!

You build instant and meaningful connections with conversations about your values, the taboo, and your lowest lows and your highest highs.

You build a connection when the conversations carry purpose and possibility and when you show up open and vulnerable.

Allow yourself to share and that, in turn, creates a space for him to do the same.

In my case, creating the space meant sharing about cancer, my struggles with my father, my mission of helping women shed their masks, and my greater purpose of having a family.


But, first, you must let go of the heaviness of your story. We often put too much meaning on what it signifies to share something private about ourselves.

You don’t need to know a man forever or trust him enough to share yourself in a deeper way. But you do need to trust yourself and know that your story makes you who you are; a beautiful, wiser, and stronger woman.

Your ability to share your life with someone is the difference between being just the fun “naked girl” and being the woman he actually falls in love with.

Written By Ravid Yosef
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