How To Handle The Zodiac Signs When They Are Angry

how to handle the zodiac signs when they are angry

How To Handle The Signs When They Are Angry

Aries: Give them some space and let them cool off and then go talk with them

Taurus: STOP ARGUING WITH THEM, just tell them they’re right and apologize

Gemini: There’s no helping you if you got a gem mad, move to another country before they ruin your entire life

Cancer: DO NOT insult them, apologize, apologize, and APOLOGIZE, and throw in some compliments

Leo: Don’t even TRY to be condescending, just hear them try to make amends by being FRIENDLY.

Virgo: Just say you’re sorry, they’re pretty understanding

Libra: Good luck

Scorpio: Just apologize and don’t EVER do what made them angry EVER AGAIN.

Sagittarius: Apologize and buy them something they like as a peace offering

Capricorn: Definitely give them some time to blow off some steam and then talk it out

Aquarius: Honestly, they won’t be mad for long, just be nice and say you’re sorry and if that doesn’t work just leave them alone

Pisces: (How did you even manage to get a Pisces mad at you they’re like out and little angels) Just be nice and apologize and BE GENTLE.


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