Homewreckers Are A Myth.


Homewreckers Are A Myth.

Homewreckers are a myth. If another woman was able to come in and destroy your relationship…it‘s because your man opened the door and let her in.

54 responses to “Homewreckers Are A Myth.”

  1. Peggy Czajka Avatar

    Most married men and some married woman just can’t have one partner for the rest of there lives. So they shouldn’t commit to that one person….stay single…. but then they can’t live by themselves because they can’t stand there own company

  2. Celia Barendse Bockel Avatar

    What if we were not designed to be monogamists? What if monogamy is against our very nature? Just putting that out there so we can all take responsibility for our own actions and not put the blame outside of ourselves.

  3. Tarryn Lynn Munro Avatar

    Took me a while to accept this. Was always easier to hate the other woman vs the one you love…

  4. Donna Howard Avatar

    How very 1950ish.

  5. Tara Choppa Avatar

    There are 666 likes.

  6. Susan Hatz Avatar

    True unfortunately

  7. House David Avatar

    well she opened the door its npt always The MAN fault

  8. Margot Raine Avatar

    Interesting. So no blame. Ho hum

  9. Lander Tania Avatar

    And she’s a dirty bitch too,keep him,u deserve this lol

  10. Michelle Gibson Avatar

    It does take two .

  11. Mirela Tafaj Avatar

    Yes .. So true !

  12. Melissa Davis Palmer Avatar

    But no one should mess with another persons spouse. Ever!

  13. Lewis Lane Sr. Avatar

    it works when one person thinks…i wouldn’t even think about messing around and taking any chance on losing my woman/man for that both people have to do all they can to make the other happy-of course you have to start off with two decent people

  14. Deborah Summers Avatar

    It takes two to tango – the married person is the one that should have thought twice ….

  15. Teresa Gueli Avatar

    Yep, it takes two

  16. Norine Simmons Avatar

    If you don’t treat people right they will leave. If you treat people right and they still leave karma will get them

  17. Miamoto Mussashi Avatar

    I see how woman opens the door from inside, not man.

  18. Aretimis Cree Scott Avatar

    Shit you haven’t met my step sister. Lol.
    Wrecked more homes than hurricane Harvey.

  19. Aliya Parcs Avatar

    Why limit this to this scenario? Third parties aren’t the source of the problem. The problem is the one deceiving/lying/cheating, whether that be a man, woman or anything in between!

    1. Corinne O'Connor Avatar

      That’s what the original post means already

    2. Aliya Parcs Avatar

      And I elaborated.

    3. Aliya Parcs Avatar

      Cause it is not ONLY when a man cheats on a woman.

    4. Aliya Parcs Avatar

      And I elaborared. It doesn’t only apply to men who cheat on their wives. It applies to people who cheat on people.

  20. Jhonatan Campos Avatar

    That’s, By The Way, a great excuse they make!

  21. Theresa Rogers Avatar

    That’s right!

  22. Lynne Rose Currie Avatar

    If the male is married the woman should have stayed clear, said no, had principles, that is if she was asked, if she asked, well again, she had no principles…..a married man cannot let in a woman with morals, principles and a deep regard for family. If the marriage is not working….. Let the marriage end, then find someone else.
    The same applies to married women…. Men with principles and morals will remain voyers only….

    1. Anne Miles Avatar

      That’s not how cheating men do. They pretend as single or divorce and deceive a woman. Then it’s too late for a woman when they find out the truth like they are head over heels in love or carrying his child. I watch this scene too many times and I was also a victim of a cheater’s lies. Though I was so in love with him but I walked away from the relationshit. I disdain mistresses but wtf!!… I became one and lately knew it but God knows it was not my intention.

    2. Angelina Summers Avatar

      If one is unhappy, they need to leave the relationship. Not step out!

    3. Lynne Rose Currie Avatar

      Yes people can be lied to and deceived, but once the truth is out it becomes a question of morals, no matter what feelings are involved, integrity and choosing to do the right thing must happen to avoid, guilt, repercussions and broken homes. I fully realize that this would be difficult, but there is only one right thing to do…. I am sorry for the pain you suffered Anne.

  23. Enza Dee Avatar

    That’s right

  24. Leeann Haynie Avatar

    WE’RE weak or strong. We CARE or NOT. WE’RE primarily thinking of SELF & selfish interest, While justifying useless Excuses…. men & women alike. Wants n Needs without backbone substance of DOING Right THINGS & in order of priorities- breakup before looking for replacement or fulfilling what you feel is missing in your LIFE. Why is the concept so hard.. ego n pride is a bitch

  25. John L. Castady Avatar

    Women open the door sometimes too.
    J/S ~ no offense ladies.

  26. Constance Tasie Avatar

    I bet, this is the handiwork of a female

  27. Maria Christinna Avatar

    definitely right!

  28. Ana Rodriguez Arcas Avatar

    And I suppose he opened the door because there were someone knocking.

    1. Gina Queen Avatar

      People can knock all they want and you answer the door but do you let them in? That’s what’s being discussed here

  29. Rocio Alvarenga Avatar

    Facts!! But was there really a “relationship” though? Perhaps it was one sided!?!?

  30. Oindrila Majumder Avatar

    Indraa Ghosh Majumder

  31. Hoba Sabry Avatar

    Thanks Linda for your great words

  32. Lit Diaz Avatar

    I agree. There will always be opportunists…some women need money while men wants sex. If he gets all the attention at his home, he will not wander and no woman can tease him. But if ur partner cheated on you, give him away coz he is not worth ur love.

  33. Nachet Franssen Avatar

    Ja daarom was ik ook niet boos op haar want daar heeft /had zij niks mee te maken

  34. Monica Frater Avatar

    We know that but every now /then u just like to let th know we are not as daft as we look

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