Her Wildness Is In Her Soul

Her Wildness Is In Her Soul
Debra Pry

Her wildness is in her soul.
She keeps it well hidden.
Never let society change
your heart and who you are.

Ceona Chambers

When we conform to this system,
we lose the freedom of true beauty

Rinku Shah

The radical divide,
Simplicity and Modernisation
side by side!
Leaves you torn apart.
Listen to the mind
or follow your heart?

Sarrvesh Waran

See the tears in her closed eyes.
How we have lured her with wise lies?
If this continues, our future won’t be nice.
Let us stop this torture.
And save mother nature.
Or we would have to pay the price.

Ravina Jain

Bring back the alluring colors
to your mundane black and white world.
And you will get back the lost smile
Even if the world seems black and white,
Look around the beautiful strokes of mother nature,
Don’t ever dim the light of your soul,
For the infinite colours within you
makes you whole!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Full of bloom on one side,
Gloom and Doom on the other,
As bright as the nature’s beauty at times,
As dull as it gets at other times,
Full of color to spice up the world around,
Yet tints of Grey to make it sober inside,
This is You, in a nutshell.
My world’s biggest enigma,
waiting to be understood.

Sulekha Pande

Duality in nature,
we are creating monsters for the future..
Cutting, shedding and ruining mercilessly,
we are doomed to devastations definitely..
Flip over, there’s still time,
where beauty stands in it’s glory and prime

Aditi Prabhu

The dual life that we all lead.
One is a illusion
and the other is reality.
One is what we desire
and the other is what we live.
It’s just like those emotions you feel
& those that you show

Prastar Kumar

You tied her hands, that’s not fair.
You broke her world, and cut her hairs.
She cried a lot, Oh! Our mother nature.
She lost her beauty, and we didn’t spare.
World turned bleak, look what we did.

Sherry Greene

The trappings of modern times
can suck the color right out of your life.
Protect yourself!

Shailesh Goswami

Liberated by Nature,
Handcuffed by Mankind.


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