Have no feelings. Feel no pain.

Have no feelings. Feel no pain.

43 thoughts on “Have no feelings. Feel no pain.”

  1. This seems like thie is a he answer for drug addict I love someone who deals with their feeling and pain this way it is so sad and I’m the only one who doesn’t approve of it in his life so I’m the bad guy for telling him its wrong

  2. Having no feelings may mean feeling no pain, but numbness is worse IMO because it means feeling no excitement, joy, love or compassion as well. We need to accept that hurting is a part of life and try embracing it as a sign that we are alive and trying. I believe that the trick is learning to manage our feelings, not just eliminating them. I have found that accepting an emotion does not mean being a slave to it, this is where mind, knowledge, and maturity come into play. The goal should be becoming balanced, being hard does not mean strong. JMHO

  3. really? id rather have feelings than turn into an unemotional robot that ruins and destroys everyting in my path thats why we have such shitty government and corperations they act like they have emotions for things and people but you know they dont.

  4. Not. Have no emotions is terrible feeling. 😉 Do you remember dementors from “Harry Potter”? If you have no emotions, you are just like after their attack.

  5. Easier said than done. The ideal is to balance the heart and the mind. Don’t approach situations on a purely rational level, but don’t wear your heart on your sleeve either.

  6. I think people assume that if you don’t cater to their lack of emotional control or baby their low self esteem you are suddenly lifeless and don’t live. If I wake up tomorrow I’m still alive d head.

    This meme has truth, it is because of that very notion…that softies are raging on it. Silence you mind, feel no pain, this includes all other emotions. It is useful in it’s simplest form nothing more nothing less.

  7. yes be too weak to Live life and just be angry and distant all the time. Right that sounds like the kind of whiny person I’d want to hang out with… How about Not encouraging Self Defeat on a page that is about uplifting people it’s making me consider finding a new page for my positive stuff to share as I see more and more negative self pity party stuff from this one…

  8. Sadly there are many that have little emotion for anything or One . Like Players. It would be fine if they were clear about themselves Like Honey, I just like to play I’m NOT capable of emotional attachments. I know a few of you have run into people with little emotion , turn on the radio and listen to the love gone wrong songs. To grow a attachment to such and not realise it till AFTER YEARS THEY LOOK AT YOU AND DUST THEIR HANDS UM I THINK THEY SAY WE NEED A BREAK. They don’t even blink and turn and walk away. This among many things brings about the prayers of please just don’t let me feel any more.. Raw , bruised and crushed left on the side of the road that you thought was headed to paradise.

    1. Because in these days emotions are seen as a weakness. When they exactly the opposite. They are what make us human. They may make things like sadness seem worse. But they make all the beautiful things in life that much more. Like watching a sunset and appreciating the beauty of it to the point you feel the hairs stand up on your arms of feeling beautiful music the same way. Without emotions all the beautiful things in life would be bland.

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