Fun Test: The Path You’re Drawn To Tells Your Personality And Fortune

By picking the canopied path, it reveals that you’re looking upward, rather than the direction in which you’re headed. Something might be coming your way, so be sure to look ahead sometimes, too. You’re afraid to face it, but don’t be. It’s never as bad as you think.

People draw energy from your humor and sparkle, but show them you can be serious, too.

Path Number Five:

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You’re a laid-back, salt of the earth kind of person. You’re humble and sincere, and it’s hard to rile you up. You’re quick to forgive and forget, and even quicker to smile. While others are sweating the small stuff, you’re humming a little tune.

Choosing the autumn path reveals you’re in a transitionary time. Neither summer nor winter, you’re facing some changes — but you’ll soon learn they’re for the best. There are curves and turns in your path, but you’re a balanced person who can handle them.

Your calm energy and warmth can be of help to those around you. Teach them how to let things go.

Path Number Six:


You’re quiet and thoughtful, and your feelings run very deep. You prefer solitude, though you’re not opposed to good company. You’re sensitive and compassionate, and you radiate with sincerity.

By choosing the dark path, it shows that you crave shelter and protection, and you’re accustomed to journeying alone. Though you’re not used to walking in the light, it’s waiting for you at the end. Don’t be afraid of it. Your eyes will adjust to the change and you’ll find beauty in it.

Your private world is beautiful, so invite people in now and again. It’s time to shine.

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Fun Test: The Path You’re Drawn To Tells Your Personality And Fortune

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  1. It’s so true it’s weird how accurate it was I just hope the light at the end is true for my future.. If so then maybe everything will have been worth it..

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