Expectations rakhna yaa naa rakhna dono hi humaarey control mein Nahin Hai.

There are two aspects of seeing the word “Expectations”.Expecting something for us from someone and expecting something for someone from ourselves.

Kuchh pal Pehle bohot kuchh aur kuchh pal mein kuchh Bhi Nahin. Someone has said beautifully that-“You have to sacrifice something for what you want, if you don’t, then ‘what you want’ becomes the sacrifice”.

That’s why agar Waqt kuchh leta hai toh ussey parishram do warna woh kuchh dil-e-kareeb lelega. If we are talking about expectations then ultimately the word comes i.e. disappointment. Think, what you expect, if that doesn’t happen then we get disappointed. 

As I said, keeping expectations isn’t in our hands, but we can control excitement and the disappointment by saying to ourselves that what I’m expecting doesn’t mean is definitely going to happen, I have to be calm and will not be disappointed. Sometimes expecting too big makes a disappointment, getting yourself out of which becomes very difficult. 

That’s it for today and a short message from today’s ending, “Zindagi humein khud kuchh Nahin sikhaati humein zindagi jeeni hi aise padegi ke hum kuchh Zindagi se seekh sakein”.

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