The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

friends women need in her life

3. The One Who Knows How To Take A Stand.

This is one of those friends that every woman NEEDS to have in her life. You deserve to have someone who will always take a stand for what is right. Most people will do what is easy, and end up compromising on what is right, but she will do the exact opposite. With their steely determination, fiery resolve, and iron spine, she will never back down from protesting against what is wrong. She will speak up and fight for equal rights, equal representation, equal pay, and most importantly, will speak up against misogynism, chauvinism, and patriarchy.

She will encourage you to speak up for yourself and demand what you truly deserve. Taking a stand for what is right is not easy, and in the moments you feel intimidated to do so, she will be there to hype you up and push you to ask for what is rightfully yours. Having a strong woman like her as a friend will always help you be stronger and a better person.

4. The One Who Always Cheers You Up.

When it comes to friends every woman needs, having a cheerful friend is non-negotiable. She will be the one who will take you out to see the waves on the beach when you feel overwhelmed with life. She will be the one to turn up with two pints of ice cream when you go through a breakup. She will be the one to perform an impeccable impersonation of Jim Carrey in ‘The Mask’ to cheer you up when you feel sad.

Having a friend who will always try to cheer you up whenever you go through something hard is irreplaceable. She will never let you doubt yourself and will always be there on the sidelines cheering you on. When you struggle with having faith in yourself, she will talk to you about all your triumphs. When you need an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, she will happily be there just quietly listening to all that you have to say.

The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life
The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life

5. The One Who Is Different From You.

When you build friendships in unexpected places, you open yourself up to brand new worlds and experiences. She will show you things you have never seen before. She will teach you things you had no idea about. With the whole world changing as you know it, someone from an entirely different space will make you see the world for what it is – diverse, interesting, inclusive, and ever-changing.

Do you know what the best part of having a friend like this is? She will help you to discover things about yourself, that you had no idea about. She will show you parts of yourself that will help you be the very best version of yourself.

So, choose your friends wisely, and stay strong and happy.

Every Strong Woman Should Keep These 5 Friends In Her Life
Strong Woman Should Keep These 5 Friends
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The 5 Friends Every Woman Needs In Her Life
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