Why You Can’t Stay Away From Each Other, Even If You Are Miserable

cannot stay away from each other

Are you in a toxic relationship and are you wondering why you can’t stay away from each other? Why, in spite of the hurt and the anger, breaking up is just impossible? So many of us get in this position where, in spite of being absolutely miserable, we hold on, stuck in the cycle of suffering.

Why do we do that? For many reasons. Knowing them might help you finally realize that you can let of someone and get on with your life.

So, why can’t you stay away from each other?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Stay Away From Each Other, Even If You Are Miserable

1. Those Moments Of Happiness.

You know what I am talking about – those moments when everything is great.

Perhaps it’s watching the kids open their Christmas presents, or uniting against difficult in-laws, or simply enjoying a sunset together. Those moments bring you back to where you were at the beginning of your relationship when you were a team when you loved each other.

Those moments are very potent ones and they are moments that make you pause and wonder if breaking up is a good idea, if perhaps there isn’t hope that you can work things out. They make you wonder if you could ever have moments like this with anyone else.

And those moments of happiness are wonderful. But they are just moments, aren’t they? Moments in the middle of the misery you are both living with.

So yes, appreciate those moments but ask yourself if those moments are worth it.

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2. You Don’t Want To Give Up.

I hear this from so many of my clients. ‘I am not a quitter.’ And I can totally appreciate that. No one wants to give up on anything, especially something as important as a relationship, so they hold on, believing that, perhaps even by sheer force of will, if they don’t give up, all will be fine.

What I tell my clients when they tell me they don’t want to quit is that it’s important that BOTH partners in a relationship are fighting to keep the relationship, that it’s not a one-sided effort.

Many of my clients give and give and give in the face of misery, hoping that their person will just love them again and that their lives together can be happy and not hell on Earth. But if their person isn’t trying in return, there is no fight to fight, and giving up might be the only option.

Remember, giving up is okay. Sometimes there is nothing that can be done to save a relationship and throwing in the towel doesn’t mean failure. It means that you are strong enough to let go of something that is making everyone miserable and move forward towards happiness and love.

Miserable relationship
Miserable relationship

3. Habits.

I know it seems really basic but one of the reasons that you can’t stay away from each other, even though you are miserable, is because of habits and traditions.

I know that when I was considering leaving my husband because we were both miserable, it was the small things that kept me from doing so.

The thoughts of no more Friday night videos and Caribbean Christmases and summer visits to my mom and sharing of carpool duties were enough to paralyze me into staying. I couldn’t imagine there being any change in the things that we had been doing for decades.

Are there things that you and your person have always done together that seem impossible to let go of? Whether they are big or small, they are often enough to keep us from leaving.

I can tell you this, 10 years after my divorce, I have someone else to watch Friday night movies with, my kids and I have kept up the tradition of Caribbean Christmases and summer visits to my mom’s. And somehow, everyone seems to get where they need to be, even though we are no longer married.

So, don’t let habits keep you in something that is making you miserable. Life is too short!

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