Behind every person is a story

“Behind every person is a story, behind every story is a person. So think before you judge, because judging someone doesn’t label who they are, it labels who you are.”

9 thoughts on “Behind every person is a story”

  1. The only thing I judge people for is whether they’re intentionally causing others harm of some kind. Especially when it’s directed towards the innocents of the world. That’s one limitation of mine that’s not flexible in the slightest. If you try and hurt others simply because you can, you’re the lowest of the low in my opinion. No exceptions. Otherwise… You’re good with me no matter what you’ve done. No ones perfect and everyone makes poor choices in life at some point.

  2. Way too easy. Sorry but this is so wrong in so many ways. Judging and condemning are 2 different things. This only helps wrong doers. Yes please, absolutely judge, but judge for yourself only, and do not condemn. If you made a mistake, you can always change your mind and apologize since you did not condemn. And if you were right, you saved yourself from potentialy fatal mistakes. Nothing can replace a little wisdom.

  3. People who have judge me should read this…anyways, i don’t care anymore what others say about me. Only God knows the real me, and i strongly believe He will not bless me this much if i’m not a good person. As long as i know i abide God and i’m not stepping other people, i think i’m good…
    Im just too grateful for all the blessings God is pouring unto me & my kiddos got no time to think anout the negativity of people. Too much to be grateful for…

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