432 Hz – The Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency And Vibration


Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency Vibration

Is 432 Hz the frequency of the universe? Let’s delve into the secrets of vibration and frequency and find out how tuning into this frequency affects your mind!

What Do Legends Say?

The power of 432 Hz was recognized by the most noted ancient civilizations. The musical instruments of ancient Egypt which have been dug up so far, all have been reported to be tuned to this said frequency.

According to the legends, Orpheus, the Greek God of music, was also the God of death and rebirth. He was said to be the keeper of the Ambrosia (the food of the Gods) as well as the music of transformation. Guess, to which frequency his instruments were tuned in.

That’s right! 432 Hz!

So, What Happened?

Sometime around 1940, 440 Hz was globally introduced by the United States and was eventually established as an ISO 16 Standard in the year 1953.

How The Power Of 432 Hz Was Discovered?

When Ivan Yanakiev, a budding conductor, first time heard his friend playing his cello at 432Hz as a simple musical experiment, he was blown away by the sensory experience! He later said that it was like listening to God speak!

According to him, listening to 432 Hz is not only soothing, but it helps to crack the mysteries of our subconscious and connect with the power of the cosmos, the Universe, the Divine, whatever name you prefer.

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Ever since then, he made it his life’s goal to spread awareness about the power of universal frequency. He cofounded 432 Orchestra with this vision in 2013 and he and his group of musicians now work tirelessly to explore and promote this frequency worldwide.

Richard Huisken, another advocate of the Universal Frequency, claims that music played at this frequency is not only more pleasant and softer to hear, but also has the following benefits:

  • It has a calming effect on the listener’s mind
  • It offers clarity and insights
  • It’s easier to get into a meditative and relaxed state of mind and body while listening to this frequency

This frequency also resonates with 8 Hz of the Schumann Resonance which talks about the fundamental electromagnetic vibration of our Earth.

Several researchers have come up with interesting case studies where it has been seen that 432 Hz transmits healing energy and has a positive emotional and mental effect on the listeners.

Music played at this frequency creates a sense of well-being and harmony. People feel happier and relaxation comes naturally to them when they’re playing or listening to music at 432 Hz.

It has been widely claimed that the calming effect music tuned at 432 Hz has on our body and mind, further helps us to:

  • Become more creative, innovative, flexible, and spontaneous
  • Release negative emotions
  • Be one with nature and the supreme consciousness
  • Let go of stress and tension that are stored in our body
  • Have a stable heart rate and blood pressure due to the release of serotonin and endorphins
  • Heal our emotional trauma through sound energy 

The study of Cymatics argues that vibration and frequency are the key elements that influence the existence of all matters in this world.

It has been proved that when sound waves pass through any physical medium, such as water, sand, air, etc., the frequency of the sound waves has a direct impact on the structure of the medium.

So, it is not surprising that the human body which is made up of more than 70% of water, will be affected by the universal frequency and vibration of 432 Hz.

432 Hz
432 Universal Frequency

So, is the imposed frequency of 440 Hz pushing us all toward an unnatural state of being that is disconnected from the universal vibration of the divine?

Is this the reason we, as a collective, are prone to stress, aggression, and emotional distress, that ultimately lead to physical illness, toxic habits, and unhealthy and anti-social behavior?

We do not have all the answers yet, but a more detailed and focused approach to studying the healing effects of 432 Hz frequency is warranted for sure!

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The video below shows the incredible power of sound waves/frequency. 

432 Hz – The Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency And Vibration
432 Hz – The Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency And Vibration
Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency Vibration pin
The Hidden Power Of Universal Frequency Vibration pin

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  1. Keith Burgess Avatar
    Keith Burgess

    It is the original frequency not the alternative we have been deceived to be controlled that is also the reason why digital took over from analogue…We are controlled by frequency because we are 80% water do some research…

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