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The Animal You See First Reveals Who You Are: Personality Test

Which Animal Did You See First

We all are driven by the quest to learn something new about our true selves. Aren’t you? So, we at Mind Journal decided to share this short personality test with you. You’ll be surprised to know your hidden personality traits. Try now!

Online personality tests are a quick and simplest way to know about yourself and enhance your self-awareness. The personality test that you will take today is based on how the subconscious mind works. 

Our subconscious mind is a database of our likes, dislikes, choices, memories, skills, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, fears, and many more.  Everything that you have seen, experienced, even forgotten/subliminal pieces of information are also housed in the subconscious mind.  It drives your actions on autopilot. Your intuition and instinctual information are delivered by the subconscious mind. This part of the brain determines what you see and how you act in any given situation. 

When looking at a picture, your eyes will scan every element of it but your brain picks first what’s relative to you personally. It could be because of the kind of information stored in your subconscious mind.

Here’s a personality test that reveals who you are based on the animal you see first

Carefully see the image below for not more than 10 seconds. Make a mental note of the animal you see first. Then scroll down to read the interpretation and know your personality. 

See The Image

1. Bear


Seeing a bear first means you are a logical, traditional and conservative person. You are quiet, thoughtful, and observant. You are a reliable, dedicated, and hardworking person. 

You have high values and live your life accordingly. Never make decisions in haste! You are diplomatic and always seek harmony. Breaking rules and regulations or missing deadlines is not your style. You are sensitive and hate crowded places and noisy company. 

2. Giraffe


If a giraffe is an animal you see first, you are an easygoing, social, flexible, loyal, and down-to-earth person. You can gel with people and can hold a good conversation with anybody. You are a natural cheerleader! 

You love talking so you easily become the center of attention wherever you go. That said, you are very sensitive. Change is necessary for you because you get bored with routine. You often change jobs or hobbies. 

3. Lion


If a lion is an animal you see first, you are a natural-born leader. You are very competitive, strategic, and good at convincing people to follow you to meet a common goal. At times you can be dominating and overwhelming. 

Taking new challenges gives you a kick and you always strive to win. 

4. Owl


If you spot this animal first, you are a perfectionist and a deep thinker. You love to keep things well-organized and dislike chaos or mess.  

Not very social, you enjoy your quiet time and working on your own. Yet, people like to be in your company, because you are very analytical, intelligent with a good sense of humor. 

5. Pig


If you spot the pig first, you are independent, social, detail-oriented, and analytical. You are productive when left alone. That said, you get along with people very well. 

You are pro at investigating things or situations, as you have a sharp mind and extraordinary memory. 

6. Koala 


If the animal you spot first is a koala, then you are a calm, kind, caring, sensitive, and considerate person. You love to live your life on your own terms and conditions. 

You are an altruist and tend to help people without expecting anything in return. Your friends know they can count on you anytime. A good book, movie, and quiet time is enough for you to unwind. Parties are not for you to relax! 

7. Duck


If you spot a duck first, you are optimistic and love to live your life to the fullest. You always look at the brighter side of life. 

You are curious, your soul yearns for new experiences and new skills. You know how to live in the present.

8. Elephant


If an elephant is an animal you see first, then you are genuine, caring, loyal, and a responsible person. 

You are helpful, a good listener, and a problem-solver. You always prioritize your friends and family. They can always rely on you. 

9. Zebra


If you spot a zebra first then you are charismatic, active, spontaneous, funny, and influential. People follow you because your personality is contagious. Because of your outstanding communication skills, people enjoy your company. 

You tend to get bored easily and to keep going you always need something new in life. You want every day to be unique and different. 

10. Cat


Seeing a cat first means you are independent and self-sufficient. You hate talking too much. You come across as a shy person with your own set of rules to lead a life. 

You prefer to observe things from a distance and analyze rather than be in the middle of the action. What people think about you is never going to affect you. 

11. Rabbit


Seeing a rabbit first is a sign that you are a happy, creative, energetic, and lively person with a great sense of humor. People love you and want to be your friend because you bring laughter and joy wherever you go. 

You’re empathetic, thoughtful and love to see people smiling. That said, don’t forget to have your ‘me’ time. 

What did you see first? Are the results spot on? Leave a comment below. 

Please note no online quizzes or personality tests don’t have 100% accuracy. So, see the answers as a possibility and not certainty. 

If you had fun with this subconscious mind test, share it with your friends!

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