Alive or Dead?

So, we’re humans and we’re alive.

What’s the longevity of a normal human life?

— 60 yrs, 70 yrs, 80 yrs, kind of like that. Well, the number varies time to time.

But the question is are we actually alive or dead already behind the automatic system of flesh and blood?

— We DON’T know. We don’t because we taught ourselves so well to believe the lies.

We eat lies, we breathe lies, we’re just under the huge blanket of lies and liars.

OK ! To all the grown ups, how long actually we’re alive?

— We’ve no idea. How can we when we hardly experience the soul imprisoned in us!

Every day, every moment we kill ourselves. No, not we, our lies actually perform the job.

Someday your ego shoots you, someday your doubts dig you.

Your eyes are open, but can’t see the world caged inside you.

You’ve ears but can’t listen to the song of your heart anymore.

You have a network of nerves but can’t feel the pain of your soul.


We’ve learned enough, let’s unlearn some.

We’ve grown up enough, let’s get back to the kid self.

Let’s not measure or count happiness, just get happy for this moment.

We can beat this lie, we can kill the death before death kills us.

Smile ! there’s still a little life in us and we will grow more.



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