A Mind Lost in Contemplation

A Mind Lost in Contemplation

I increased the volume of the soft melody that was playing inside the car. It is a soothing rendition by Eric Clapton. I prefer listening to it after a hard toiling day. The lyrics tune my soul and my mind cloud with thoughts that are inexplicable by nature. I remembered Shakespeare’s lines ‘Music is the food of love, play on’.

Music has a healing phenomenon which can work wonders on different states of your soul, be it discolored or exuberant. Music has a passionate appeal which earnestly begs our mind to blend with the heart so that it can calibrate with the rhythm.

‘Playing on’, the phrase seems so abstract at times. Do we only play music? Don’t we play with our lives or hearts? We have so many things to play with, but why do we prefer to play with hearts? Why do we prefer to clench out that soft portion of our body which is not immune to pain?

The heart which is the storehouse of feelings and emotions becomes clogged at times because we are hurt. Why are we hurt? Is it a fallacy, if we believe blindly someone? Is it our problem if we starting expecting way too much from our relationships? Aren’t we human? Amidst these flickering questions which baffle the mind, we deduce a common conclusion that the fault is in our stars.

  Life itself is a long walk to remember which provides one with an unknown and mysterious destination about which we have no inkling. Through the mind’s eyes, we need to check the soul which will be able to guarantee us some undiluted happiness. It sounds vague and Utopian perhaps as human minds have become skeptic as it tries to process everything (through the mind’s judgmental eyes) out of the fear of being deceived.


We can’t always claim that the world deceives us. We should not forget that we are self-deceiving objects as well. We are blindfolded creatures who falsify things and mostly hopes and aspirations. In a world where a fake smile is as common as a lie, we find comfort in a hallucinatory existence. As denizens of this materialistic world, let us not trample our demure heart and mute the scathing repercussions of our mind. Let us take a deep breath and inhale some fresh hopes and aspirations and negate all the uncanny feeling that lies submerged in our unconscious minds. Let us start afresh with a new vigor so that we can encounter positive vibes encircling us everywhere. Let us put together all those pieces that we have lost through all those years so that it can be no less than an enchantment. Let us start it today with a bright smile and a desire to change our own perspective.

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