The 7 Types of Rest You Need

types of rest you need

4. Sensory Rest

sensory rest
The 7 Types of Rest You Need

Due to the growing use of technology and an increasing amount of screen time, sensory exhaustion has become highly prevalent and is now one of the most common reasons for feeling drained. Such behaviors can not only lead to adverse physical effects, like neck pain and strained eyes, it can also cause broken relationships and relationship dissolution due to lack of intimacy. Researchers have found that higher levels of screen time is associated with an unhealthy diet, depression and poor quality of life. (5} “A growing body of literature is associating excessive and addictive use of digital media with physical, psychological, social and neurological adverse consequences,” states a 2018 study. {6}

We often have a habit of taking breaks in between work and all we do in that spare time is not take restorative rest. Rather we stare at the screen and call it relaxing. 

Give your sensory system some time to restore it by unplugging all electronic devices like smartphones, televisions, and other electronic gadgets & devices. Make it a point to remain away from the cacophony of the busy life for at least 30 minutes a day. Cut out loud noises and lie down closing your eyes in a room having the least connections to electrical appliances.

5. Social Rest

social rest
The 7 Types of Rest You Need

Some of us feel that socializing is a way of decluttering our minds after a hard day. On the contrary, socializing takes an extra dose of energy which further exhausts us.

Public figures and celebrities are in need of this sIn this era of social media, all of us need this social rest, not just celebrities and public figures. We often think socializing happens as a reflex, but it takes our conscious effort.

Social rest entails catching up with someone with whom you can unwind your day and talk your heart out, without apprehension. Another way to rest socially is by disconnecting from social media for a while and incorporating solitude in your day to reconnect with yourself. “Solitude could lead to relaxation and reduced stress when individuals actively chose to be alone,” reveals a 2018 study.{7}

The 7 Types of Rest You Need
The 7 Types of Rest You Need

6. Creative Rest

creativel rest
The 7 Types of Rest You Need

When was the last time you flexed your creative muscles? Think about the time you brainstormed ideas at work or planned a surprise party for your bestie? 

You use your creative flair more often than you think you do. So it’s not unusual to run out of creative ideas. To keep getting more innovative at the ideas you implement in work, you should take small ‘creative breaks’. 

Go for a walk (without any electrical gadgets), take inspiration from nature, read an engrossing yet simple book, listen to soothing music. This will help you revive the much-needed lost creative resources.

7. Spiritual Rest 

spiritual rest
The 7 Types of Rest You Need

Feel unhinged, purposeless, and empty? 

You might be in need of spiritual rest. We seldom get the chance to discuss philosophical ideas, diving deeper into ourselves. 

Introspection is an efficient means to delve beyond the surface. If you are a religious person, practice your religious routines. Go for spiritual discussions with your close people about the meaning of one’s life. You could go for practicing gratitude{8} by writing every day on a piece of paper about why you feel thankful that day and stick it somewhere you can see.  

The hubbub of our busy life will often choke us off the holy grail of life. You need to find yourself the peace, your mind and body seek.


The 7 Types of Rest Your Soul and Body Needs, besides Sleeping
The 7 Types of Rest Your Soul and Body Needs, besides Sleeping
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The 7 Types of Rest You Need
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The 7 Types of Rest You Need
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