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World’s Leading Psychiatrist Shares 5 Ways To Kick Every Obstacle In Life

World’s Leading Psychiatrist Shares 5 Ways To Kick Every Obstacle In Life

Leading Psychiatrist Shares 5 Ways To Kick Every Obstacle In Life

Did you start the day on a bad note? Was it because of your boss, spouse, friends or family? No matter what the reason may be, it is never too late to overcome that, but what if you are facing life-threatening troubles and aren’t sure about how you would overcome them.

We all go through those hassles almost every day, and it is important to keep your head high and chin up because no matter what the extent of the problem may be, it can never surpass the power of your positive thinking or may I say focused approach.
While some of us would advise a specific set of an approach and others might suggest something else, Mikhail Litvak, one of the world’s most renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist has some tips that can really change the situation for you, and we list them below for you:

1) Stop Bitching

It is a common phenomenon that people like to talk about someone or something behind their back. The basic reason is that people don’t like stating the facts to someone’s face, and that is what causes the trouble.

You can’t bitch or speak ill about your boss, because you have to feed your family and pay your bills, but you want to vent those thoughts out. How do you that? Simple, Bitch about the person behind them.

As gratifying as it might sound, it is never a good idea to bitch about people. If you put all that anger and frustration into your work in the right direction, the results can be phenomenal.

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2) Introspect, don’t get depressed

Some of us are used to the idea of introspection, and we have this habit in our minds to such an extent that we start questioning almost everything around us, from a drop of water to a hilltop.

It is good to introspect because that gives us a clarity if we are heading in the right direction, but if you exaggerate a lot into something, you are actually creating something that doesn’t exist.
So watch your questions, and ask yourselves, am I improving by doing this or becoming sad? If the answer is latter, then you need to change something.

3) Fell good, don’t ask others

Did you ask others before waking up today or dressing the way you want? It is important that you keep yourselves in the driver’s seat, and not others. It is your life, and you don’t need someone else’s permission to do whatever you want.
You feel good when you are following your bliss, and it is the most thing. Without that happiness, you are nowhere, and so it is important to focus on your bliss, more than anything else in the world.

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4) You can’t please everyone

If you read the aforementioned point, you would understand that pleasing everyone isn’t possible, and that goes for anyone and anything.
If you are focused around pleasing others, then it is a possibility that you would miss out on what went well for you. Everyone around you has multiple needs, and they vary based on the person’s personality. If you try to please everyone, you wouldn’t have your own identity, and if you don’t have that, what else is left of you then?
Stop pleasing, Start Living!

5) No heed to Naysayers

If you ask a roadside shopkeeper about the tricks to climb a mountain or a car mechanic about airplane maintenance, then you wouldn’t get the correct answer.
It is important to ask the right set of people for the right solution. Also, if you are headed towards doing something wonderful, possibilities are you will get a lot of backlashes because they haven’t traveled your way.

If you go towards roads less traveled, a lot of naysayers will also show up, but that doesn’t mean you must pay heed to what they have to say.
Reach for the stars, but keep your feet on the ground and your naysayers will get their answers automatically.

Success is the biggest revenge.

World’s Leading Psychiatrist Shares 5 Ways To Kick Every Obstacle In Life
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