5 Signs That Clearly Say You’re Destined To Be Together

Here are few tell- tale signs for those destined to be together.

“While marriage is losing much of its broad public and institutional character, it is gaining popularity as a ‘SuperRelationship’ — an intensely private spiritualized union, combining sexual fidelity, romantic love, emotional intimacy, and togetherness.”

A soul mate is someone with whom you have a deep, natural bond. They could be your partner, or they could be a close friend who always understands you.

The relationship is based on love, compatibility, trust, and spirituality. If you see that this person is your twin flame, your reflection, and your destiny, you will be in for a wonderful journey together.

When you meet that special person, your soul mate, suddenly every day you spend together merges together into a colorful palate of fun, happiness, and nothing but good times.

Finding your soul mate is probably one of the most amazing things that can happen to you, when you actually find them, see them in front of you, you realize that you’ve found someone who enjoys you for who you are, someone who can’t stand the thought of being away from you even for just a minute.


Do you pay attention to the signs that clearly shout out to you that you both are destined to be together?

If not, then this is a chance for you to identify those signs.


When you both are deeply in love with each other, nothing in the world will ever bring you down when it comes to being with your true lover.

The strong bonding that you share helps you to open up to your partner and, share the strengths and the weaknesses that you possess without having to worry about the consequences.

So, you can actually open up to the extent of being a vulnerable object in the hands of your lover; yet, the care and affection with which your lover protects your dreams and aspirations give you the green signal to be as open as you can be.



You know that since you both are two different individuals, no matter how strong your bonding is, you are bound to go through some differences in opinion.

However, the strength of your love is so majestic that despite the differences, you understand each other and respect each others’ thoughts and actions. This drives you towards becoming a better couple in terms of compatibility as the days go by.



You know each other so well that even without a word being uttered, you know what your partner’s dreams and aspirations are.

And, as a true lover, how can you hold back and watch your partner struggle alone?

So, like a true warrior, you ensure that your partner receives the full cooperation and support from your end so that he or she feels strong enough to pursue the task which he or she had once begun.



In love, there is nothing better than romance; but, what if you could re-live your childhood days? Would you still prefer romance over those lovely days of the past? I’m sure you’ll not!

So, being a child again is the best part about being in love. If your partner genuinely loves you, then you can gladly be his or her baby.

Trust me, even your tantrums hidden behind that naughty smile will be borne with great acceptance and you will get to be as happy as a free bird!



In true love, nothing gives you more happiness than the success of your partner. The feeling of jealousy does not even exist because you strive to help each other out in the best way possible.

You pick your partner up when he or she falls, you heal his or her wounds and then you push him or her towards the difficult path again so that he or she is able to conquer the dreams that he or she had been hoping to achieve for long.

This is how you help each other develop a strong moral character and unbreakable determination to face every atrocity that is thrown towards you while you tread along your path of success.


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5 Signs That Clearly Say You're Destined To Be Together

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  1. Ok. I’m going to have to be “that” commenter here.
    This is rediculous hogwash and yes I take it personally because I just got out of a soulmate relationship. I don’t know where this sugared up fairytale idea sprouted from, but soulmates are definitely NOT all peaches and cream.

    They’re painful, and hard, and can be very destructive. Both parties pre-planned their goals of lessons to learn from each other, before incarnation here. And as pain is the burning away of illusions to uncover the truth, in a soulmate union, which is a partnership to help each other spiritually evolve, there’s more than a high chance that the union is aimed at hitting your karmic weak spots, and hard. This is in order to face the painful illusions, and get the chance to make the right choices this time around. Those same sort of lessons we desired to retry from former incarnations, or perhaps new ones for one, and old for the other.

    Twin flames are even worse. Unless highly evolved.
    Both are full of synchronicity and miracles, and obvious fated encounters. Sure they can seem like a blessing from the heavens at first.
    But can turn into power struggles, manipulation, fear based actions, and lies.

    And likely, a relapse of past life mistakes that lead up to the moment when you will be up against a decision. Let’s pray any soulmates make the humble ones.