11 Signs You Are A White Witch

Signs You Are White Witch

8. You Are Intrigued By the Solar System and Our Universe.

You engage with studies of the cosmos. You love to watch documentaries about the grand universe and our connection to it. Cosmos might be your favorite series too.

Somehow, you believe that there are other lives out there. We are not alone and that’s because you can feel a distant connection. It just goes on to prove that we are all somehow connected.

9. You Are Sensitive.

As a witch, you are so connected to human emotions that you can feel every little turn of sadness. People like talking to you because they find your understanding. You can channelize their emotions in a way that no one can and that has become your specialty. History has it that white witches are the ones who used to counsel people when they were down. They can help you sort out your emotions.

10. You Love Arts.

Creativity flows through you and you do not shy away from creating something new and unusual. You love to make your own dresses or cook with a special recipe that has not been tried before. Experimenting and inventing runs in your veins and comes naturally to you.

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11. You Like to Recycle the Wastes.

You are connected to the planet and you do not want it to go to waste. So, you would rather recycle the wastes that is forming all around you.

You know how essential recycling is in this current world of overproduction. So, you play your own part in caring for the world.

If you think eight of these characteristics match with your traits, then you are a white witch. Your witchcraft is your strength and so you should start embracing it. It is in your nature, so you would not have problems to be one with it. Just clear your mind and try to get back to it. You can already feel it within you.

If you want to know more about the traits of a white witch, then check this video out below:

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11 Signs That Show You Are A White Witch
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11 Signs You Are A White Witch
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