11 Reasons Why World Needs More Love Letters

11 Reasons Why World Needs More Love Letters

Ever since the written word has become one of the methods of communication, love letters have existed as a form of expressing one’s deep feelings and sharing them with his loved ones. Love letters have served the romantic purpose of discovering mutual emotions in a relationship between two lovers. As such, love letters have played a prominent role in classic poetry and literature.

Today, letters are largely sidelined as a mean of communication, and love letters have also become a sort of rarity. Nevertheless, love letters, as a relic of bygone and romantic times, have a special allure even in our modern age.

The fast-paced style of living today favors instant communication. Love letters, however, are an old-fashioned way of putting one’s emotions on paper. Here are some reasons why we need more love letters in our modern, sometimes hectic world.

Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

Expressing your love for someone in a love letter lets you discover yourself and your inner emotions. You are not only opening to another being and admitting your love, you are also making an effort to get to know your own emotions. A love letter lets you discover yourself through love.

Express Yourself

Writing a love letter is a wonderful way of expressing your emotions, desires and affections. It also nurtures your creative capacities and lets you develop emotional intelligence, which is an important factor in any successful relationship. Find a new way to express your love. Practice your creativity and play with words.

Better Relations between People

A genuine love letter is always honest, and honesty builds trust among people. Regardless of the person, you direct your love letter to, mother, sister, husband, wife or a girlfriend or boyfriend, it is bound to have benefits in your relationship with the persons you care about. Telling your loved one how much you appreciate them will mean a lot to them and you will understand each other better than before.

Discover Real Interaction

Too often we understand communication for granted. Our notion of communicating with other people has been reduced to a few short messages, smilies or emoji. Love letters require a real effort and not just clicking on a right icon in your messenger.

True love also takes time. Composing a love letter can teach people to recognize the real meaning of patience in a world where everybody is too busy for real sharing.

Admit Your Feelings

How many times have you find it nearly impossible to admit your feelings in person? This can be extremely difficult and many people have trouble talking about their emotions. There can be thousands of reasons why you can’t admit your love in person. But there is no reason why this can’t be done on paper. A love letter is a perfect mean of overcoming your anxiety and recognizing your love.

Love Letters are Romantic

Everybody needs a little romantic in their lives. If you are in a relationship and you feel like you need to do something to spark things up, writing a love letter to your partner is a perfect way to bring the romantic flavor.

Moreover, a love letter shows that you are willing to work on your relationship and your partner will know how to appreciate it.

In a world where people have increasingly less time for others, and communication is reduced to a few smilies on the screen, a love letter stands out as a true mark of commitment.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Words are powerful. We often disregard the fact how words can influence people and this is especially true in the case of people we care about. A love letter is a symbol of love put on paper. Unlike modern means of communication where words are only black prints on the screen, a love letter is more personal and direct.

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