Zodiac Signs When Talking To Their Crush

Zodiac Signs When Talking To Their Crush

Zodiac Signs WhenTalking To Their Crush

Aries: Blushing a whole lot, stutters while talking, trips on their own feet and still ends up looking cute

Taurus: Tries to show off a lot and make their crush laugh while still having a sense of sensuality

Gemini: Says something to get their crushes attention, has super cute and fun lighthearted conversations that lead to endless inside joke moments

Cancer: Rosy cheeks always, lovely nervous smiles and give loads of compliments to their crush

Leo: Always wants to seem in control and unbothered when talking to their crush, look super excited, and speak with positive reassuring energy

Virgo: Wants everything to be perfect and smooth while being hard on themselves afterwards even though they were lovely and even got their crushes number

Libra: The smoothest talker on any subject and makes their crush feel super welcomed and comfortable. (Lots of blushing and shy giggles)

Scorpio: Shy at first then turns deeper into the conversation. Completely intrigued by everything their crush has to say.

Sagittarius: There’s always laughter and jokes, is not too serious about it while waiting for the opportunity to make the topic about going out together

Capricorn: Super-duper relaxed on the outside while their quirky sideshows because they are so excited and nervous to be talking to them

Aquarius: Cool, calm, and collected. Seems like they’ve got it all under control and almost always say the right things to make their crush get flustered

Pisces: Seems like they’re super confused and lost at why their crush is talking to them but soon gets the hang of it and what do you know?!! There is a date planned


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