Zodiac Signs Upon Realizing They Love Someone

Zodiac Signs Upon Realizing They Love Someone

Zodiac Signs Realizing They Love Someone

Aries: Gets excited; immediately says it; is thesweetest person ever and really passionate lover; realizes they don’t anymore over time; repeats

Taurus: Puts their guard up; eventually cracks and tells the person; claims possession of the person

Gemini: Gets excited about it, but is really anxious; becomes a completely different person;constantly falls in and out of love though

Cancer: Questions it; gets scared; realizes they really do love the person; takes their time saying it, but once they do, they say it every chance they get; does anything for that person

Leo: Throws their heart on a platter; shares their limelight; busts their ass out of generosity and love

Virgo: Is completely taken aback; tries not to let the person know for as long as possible; stays in denial for awhile; completely takes care of their partner and becomes a crazy stalker

Libra: Gets bubbly and excited; changes their ways and tries to cut off all their hoes; might slip, up here and there but genuinely tries to be with their partner 24/7

Scorpio: Doesn’t trust it; over time lets their walls come down but still is a mystery; becomes super possessive but also romantic af

Sagittarius: Sees it as a challenge; tries to explore this new feeling they have; actually can become very loyal and romantic

Capricorn: Weighs the pros and cons; if they like the pros, they tell the person; tries to be more open and loving

Aquarius: “Oh shit. I’m in love? Damn. I’m in love. Love..What’s love anyway? I don’t know, but I think I really like this one.”

Pisces: Throws themself into the relationship; becomes very trusting and lovey dovey; makes themself always available for their lover

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