Zodiac Signs In Quarantine

Zodiac Signs In Quarantine

Zodiac Signs In Quarantine  

Aries: It was their birthday and they are pissed about it  

Taurus: If I bake cookies 4 times a week maybe it’ll all go away  

Gemini: Has an exercise routine that they did for maybe 3 days and now they just spend 3 hours making every meal to kill time  

Cancer: Binge watching old movies and ofcourse cooking as a form of self-care.  

Leo: Breaks quarantine rules to hang out with their friends at least once a week  

Virgo: Talks to their therapist over the phone once a week; is actually doing okay because they sort of hate talking to people anyways so this is kinda neat  

Libra: Actually trying really hard to better themselves, you are doing great sweetie  

Scorpio: The one who is taking self- isolation pretty seriously, dude you can try some online dating thing.  

Sagittarius: The one who is probably surfing the internet to check out interesting holiday destinations they will be visiting post lockdown  

Capricorn: Has yelled at multiple people over snapchat about breaking quarantine  

Aquarius: Tried to smoke crack  

Pisces: Cries on their private story and their insta and on facetime and literally everywhere else.


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