Zodiac Signs As Teachers


Zodiac Signs As Teachers

Zodiac Signs As Teachers

Aries: Easily spots plagiarized works

Taurus: Does’nt even show up in classes

Gemini: That one teacher everybody hates

Cancer: All day essay

Leo: Gives projects and assignments like hell and top of that gives F to almost all of the students

Virgo: If you’re late 3 seconds minus 10 points in your midterm exam and 5 points in your final Exam,no excuses

Libra: Always goes off topic in the middle of lecture

Scorpio: Focused and strict one that does’nt even smile

Sagittarius: The hot teacher

Capricorn: Group project as a must

Aquarius: That one teacher that gives a 100 grade but gives literally nothing like Projects

Pisces: Funny teacher everyone love

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