Zodiac Signs As Flower Meanings

Zodiac Signs as Flower Meanings

Zodiac Signs As Flower Meanings:

ARIES: Wild tansy: “I declare war against you.”

TAURUS: Pink convolvulus: “Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection.”

GEMINI: Lady’s slipper: “Capricious beauty; win me and wear me.”

CANCER: Laurestine: “A token. I die if neglected.”

LEO: Cockscomb amaranth: “Foppery. Affectation. Singularity.”

VIRGO: Everlasting pea: “An appointed meeting; lasting pleasure.”

LIBRA: Queen’s rocket: “You are the queen of coquettes. Fashion.”

SCORPIO: White poppy: “Sleep. My bane. My antidote.”

SAGITTARIUS: Red balsam: “Touch me not. Impatient resolves.”

CAPRICORN: Chesnut tree: “Do me justice. Luxury.”

AQUARIUS: Crimson polyanthus: “The heart’s mystery.”

PISCES: Eglantine: “Poetry. I wound to heal.”

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