Zodiac Signs As Book Titles

Zodiac Signs As Book Titles

Zodiac Signs As Book Titles:   

Aries: Luna Antequam Nascantur Morientum

 Taurus: Asclepian Treatise on Bone and Hair.  

Gemini: Winter, Teeth, and Concrete.  

Cancer: A Lamentation!  

Leo: The King and the Looking Glass.  

Virgo: A Diurnal Train Network of America.  

Libra: Collected Field Reports of the Ossetian Rebellion.  

Scorpio: Phonographic Labyrinths.  

Sagittarius: The Cistern.  

Capricorn: Dog-Leech.  

Aquarius: Feline Insomnia and You.  

Pisces: Springs of Euclid.

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