Zodiac Signs And Their Psychic Abilities


Zodiac Signs And Their Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Aries: Pyrokinesis. The ability to start and control fires with the mind.

Taurus: Telekinesis. The ability to move objects with the mind.

Gemini: Remote viewing.The ability to perceive a being or object beyond the grasp of traditional faculties.

Cancer: Empath. A person who is able to feel the emotions of others in a certain way.

Leo: Channeling. Someone capable of receiving and relaying information from entities beyond our realm

Virgo: Energy healing. The ability to channel and manipulate energy to heal others or themselves.

Libra: Telepath. A person with the ability to read the thoughts of others or transfer their own thoughts to them.

Scorpio: Death-warning. Those with the ability to experience premonitions of death.

Sagittarius: Precognition. The ability to see the future, to have an intimate knowledge of what is to happen.

Capricorn: Medium. An individual capable of contacting those who have passed away.

Aquarius: Clairvoyance. The ability to see individuals, events etc, which are beyond natural perception.

Pisces: Astral Projection. The ability of one to leave their physical body to travel other realms.

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