Zodiac Compatible and Non Compatible Couples

Zodiac Compatible and Non Compatible Couples

Zodiac Couples  

Virgo-Capricorn: The power couple.  

Libra-Leo: The showstoppers.  

Scorpio-Virgo: The demanding duo.  

Cancer-Taurus: The nurturing partners.  

Aquarius-Gemini: The intellectual discoverers.  

Virgo-Libra: The sensual lovers.  

Pisces-Scorpio: The soulmates.  

Sagittarius-Aries: The ride or die.  

Taurus-Pisces: The opposites.  

Capricorn-Cancer: The hot and the cool duo.  

Sagittarius-Aquarius: The rebels without a cause.  

Aries-Libra: The Ares and Aphrodite love story.  

Leo-Gemini: The social butterflies.  

Gemini-Sagittarius: The explorers.  

Taurus-Capricorn: The stable couple.  

Pisces-Cancer: The intuitive lovers.  

Scorpio-Gemini: The dominating pair.  

Leo-Aquarius: The willful spotlight stealers.


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