16 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Contact You

11) Scents:

sudden bursts of scents and perfumes often tell you what a spirit if trying to tell you. This can be a repeated occurrence and the emphasis is on repetition.

12) A passage through words:

A spirit guide may always use the written materials to get a message across to you. A dogged enthusiasm to read what is there is a source of Great Spirit communication.

13) The occurrence of white feathers:

White feathers can be found in unexpected of places indicating the presence of a spirit at home. The spirit always reminds you that you are never alone and thus its best to honour their gifts.

14) Pennies and spotting of dimes:

monetary change can always be found in some odd places, while you hike dirt somewhere or even delve into the freezer. The spirit guide often leaves these coins to cheer you up and these come as a surprise when you are sad and depressed. It is a way of giving “pennies for your thoughts”.

15) Orbs:

these are truly fantastic pictures and photographs that show flashes of light and depict messages from spirit guides from an outer world. These orbs have amazing shapes and come in many colours. You will be able to spot the differences with the camera later on without having a difference been made to the naked eye.

16) Songs and music:

This is the best way in which spirits often reach the heart and soul of human beings. The spirit guide will often talk to you in terms of songs and in lyrics that you have never heard. The music is often enlightening and the vibration is of the highest frequency. This enables you to conjure up emotions and thoughts. Your deepest and darkest desires are made known through these songs and spirits have an unique way of getting their messages across. If you hear songs and music regularly, there may be a hidden message in them from the other world.


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