You will never be heard if you continue to ruminate

Karen MacLeod


You will never be heard
if you continue
to ruminate
on all of your silent words.


Rinku Shah


Think before you speak.
Is not only for the weak.
Words that are measured.
Have an impact 
that will be treasured!
Karthik Parthasarathy

So many thoughts,
Yet not a word.
Thoughts are mine,
Not my place to say it out loud.
Or that’s what I thought,
Till my mind became cluttered.
Now, I am in a fix.
How do I say it out?
Or do I say it out at all?
How do I maintain my sanity?




So many thoughts, so many words,
So free in the mind like birds.
But as they make it to the mouth,
There comes a doubt
Of the consequence,
That they never go beyond 
the mouth fence.


Rinku Shah


My head is full of what I think,
Without even a blink.
Like a soft board,
All my thoughts I hoard.
What I speak,
Is not tongue in cheek.
Selective speaking has its own power,
Absolute need of the hour!
John Doolan


Keep your thoughts to yourself.


Catherine Lampkin


If you could read my mind,
you would understand my silence.



Debra Pry


A million things on my mind,
But I choose to remain silent.
Sometimes silence is better 
than regret.

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