You Gotta Understand That Some People Never Really Grow

You Gotta Understand That Some People Never Really Grow

You gotta understand that some people never really grow.
They never learn their lesson.
They never recognize their mistakes, they never acknowledge their faults, they never admit they were in the wrong. You will never receive an apology from them, and you will never see their behavior change.

27 thoughts on “You Gotta Understand That Some People Never Really Grow”

  1. Never say never, some of us awaken in our own time. Accept that they have not yet grown and accept them as they are or set them free if you need. Wish them maturity and growth. <3

  2. Sometimes, we need to stop being judgemental, we never truly know the hardships the person tackle. Changes and grows are indeed the end result of those things. I’m deeply sadden how people treat person , they know nothing about, and easily being judged for whom they not.

    1. For me, this refers to bad choices, lies and denial…..and THEY are the ones treating others badly. it is not a matter of judgement, it’s seeing through the lies and excuses and not partnering with them in denial, not enabling destructive behavior, not allowing their destructive behavior to be passed off as my fault…it most certainly is not. It is loving them from a safe distance.

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