You are your Only Master, no one can force you into anything

You are your Only Master, no one can force you into anything

Upon a conversation with a friend made my mind ponder upon a few things and I would like to take this ground to discuss a very sensitive an important issue.

Often we come across a person who is going through depression, some due to problems in family, some due to short on basic needs and many reasons but most common I come across is due to failed relationship or misunderstanding resulted by some silly decisions. Both genders are subjected to the misery equally but often the boys get over sooner so the impact isn’t necessarily visible. The girls due to nature gifted super power of over thinking on a same subject push themselves to be tormented for longer time. This is not the problem I am talking about though, this is what has continued and probably will do but the thing I want to discuss is the things that force them into this situation. Why do people get cheated? Of course love is blind and you will say we lose our senses in the process of loving while the other exploits vulnerabilities in you and then leaves you shattered there. Now how can you be so gullible and easy? Just because a guy asks you out repeatedly you submit! Just because he calls you time and again and to end the disturbance you meet him? He asks for a kiss in return of promise to not disturb you and you give it? He asks you to have sex for the sake of your love or he will leave you and just unwillingly submit? C’mon people, how can you? No one can force you into anything. And after all you do you even regret! Wasn’t it your choice? Forced upon gun point can be justified but forced you for completely illogical reasons and all you did was submit? You have a soul and right to make decisions, why not be brave enough?

It gets even worse when he/she has recorded it on camera, now you are doomed! Blackmail continues and you are again subjected to same thing. After that it haunts you forever and all you wanna do is die.
So where did you the mistake first? Being easy was your mistake, just because someone asks you out repeatedly even while you have no feelings for him. Just don’t go, you have been gifted the power to decide, to choose your path. I may sound arrogant here but the weak is the one who suffers. And its not physical weakness and no its not even your morals or kindness. What moral would let you to get yourself be physically abused?
And these days it has reached to all new level, sending nudes… I mean seriously? What on earth makes you do it? Once your pic is on the internet it is forever there. After you break up what follows will be revenge porn. Yes you herd it right all the pics and videos you sent him/her out of love is now available for public to see. Why do you need cameras while you are making out anyway? Do you have any idea how dangerous these machines are? Even if you delete them and sell your phone/laptop or take it repair, they can recover it, don’t be shocked to find yourself on any popular porn site then. (you can only erase the data in true sense if you format your storage device applying zero formatting).

Let’s get back to the point. How we let our self so vulnerable? Our environment, the society and specially the movies are shaping our mind bad. It’s like we ain’t going to survive if we don’t get a partner asap and in a rush we are abused, abused bad. Even the teenagers these days who have barely learnt the true meaning of love are crying over the breakup they had or the way previous guy/girl used/abused them. Who is responsible for this? We! What we pass on is what they will continue. Why is this century not producing brilliant mind as in past? Are we short on ideas now? No, we are busy in the dirty fantasy now.

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