Women with Higher IQ

Women with Higher IQ

Be single or with the wrong person ?

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  1. Well the smater doesn't always mean smater!! I don't have too open any jars, lift heavy things, climb ladders or fuck myself. Lmao…..now who is the smater one. Lmao lololol JUST SAYIN……this is not directed at you Jen. Love you girl just trying too make you laugh……..

  2. Thank you, Fabiana Zeitter. You and Terry have been so wonderful and I really appreciate you both. I'll be forever grateful for your support and guidance. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. ❤️

  3. Jennifer, mean this in the most humorous of interpretations, either one who does not have to ask, or one who dares to ask to make sure. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving. No matter which one, or either fits you.

  4. Terry, I think it means living single without a partner. I am unsure whether living with someone and beyond that being married with someone are not the same. It still involves being with someone else. Believe, as I interpret means living alone, maybe a feline, dog or other creature, but not another human being. Could be wrong, not the first time. lol

  5. Living single. My past includes being with the wrong person, a couple times. The lesson learned, because I was given a make up test when I failed the first exam was it is better to be single. There is no worse feeling than sharing your life, body, soul with someone while sensing they are not the person for you. It is much worse than being intentionally by myself. Besides, know grass is not greener on the other side of the fence and takes lots of work for the upkeep and I would rather enjoy this phase of my existence, rather than come out of retirement. Figuratively and literally.

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