Why Writing Actually Makes Me Happier and Smarter


Why Writing Actually Makes Me Happier and Smarter

Writing about you and your personal experiences has an interesting motivational effect on you.  Believe it or not, writing can even reduce your chances of getting cancer.  It helps improve your mood and enhances your short and long term memory.  It can even get you the girl (or boy) of your dreams!  I am not even kidding.

Continue reading to find out how writing actually makes me happier and smarter.  It can make you healthier, happier, smarter, and more persuasive.  Being happy is healthy and being smarter is sexy, so stay with me here.  

Now, the nitty gritty.  In order for you to start seeing the effects in your blogging or essay writing, you have to be consistent. You should not only be consistent but you should thrive to write the best way you can.  One great way to improve your essay writing is to get help from others. Some experienced essay writers from services, like EssayService.com,could help with solving your academic problems by creating an essay in a proper way. 

So here are the ways that, according to science, even your life can be improved with writing. 

Writing makes you happier                                                                                                             

According to experts, expressive writing is a great way to motivate ourselves.  Oh, what is expressive writing, you ask?  This refers to expressing your feelings, thoughts, and experiences through writing. Pretty easy, right?

For instance, you can keep a diary.  You bring out your inner voice to narrate all the events that you went through.  Besides this, you honestly express how you felt and what you thought.   This constant state of mind increases your chances of happiness.

Another form of expressive writing is goal setting.  Not only will setting a goal keep you motivated towards it but will also help you connect with such goal.  This is a proved way to stay happy. 

Writing makes you think better and faster

Constant writing can help you improve the mechanism of your thoughts.  You will find out that when you first start writing, you might get it a little rough.  That is ok.  You see, the hardest part of getting something done is actually starting.  But once you have started, it gets easier. 

As you go on with it on a regular basis, writing actually becomes easier.  This is because you are training your brain to think faster.  Our lives are filled with problems waiting to be solved.  The dexterity with which you do this will help you reach happiness.  In other words, that sensation of relief that you get after solving an issue will be a repeated event in your life. 

It can help you with your studies

This is where you wanted to land.  When it comes to studying, you want to be smarter.  When you write, you are helping your brain develop the logical functions it needs to solve academic problems.  Studies relating to this specifically refer to the learning of sciences and mathematics.

Besides this, essay writing is a practice that gets better with practice.  You are on a road of producing the best essays ever.  

Writing will improve your communication

Remember what we said about getting the boy or girl of your dreams?  Well, writing is an excellent exercise to help you organize your thoughts.  You become more keen on expressing your feelings and sharing your experiences. It pretty much sucks not being able to communicate your ideas!

You have a lot of ideas in your head, there is no question to that.  But you are constantly getting this “it sounded better in my head” thing.  This is because you cannot just jumble out everything that just pops into your bed.  You need to have the ability to filter and process what it is in your mind before putting them into words.  

You will more easily get through tough times

Writing about traumatic events is a very powerful way of coming to terms with what happened and accepting it.  Whatever situation you are going through, write about it.  Just let the words come out through the pen (or through the keyboard).   Keep this journal with you.

Take a look at it after an hour has passed.  Look at it again after a day, after a week.  By that time, your mood would have changed.  This will be motivational as you will be inspired by the fact that everything turned out to be ok.  

Get started

Yes, I know that getting started is not as easy as it seems.  Starting a habit and then sticking to it is pretty challenging.  But you have to start somehow.  All it takes is a little determination at any moment. So, go ahead, grab a pen (or, let´s be real: turn on the computer) and take action.  

Just commit yourself to one thing.  Start doing expressive writing.  Write down all your thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc.  You will notice that as days pas by, it will become easier every time.  

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