Why Men Tease

Why Men Tease

Let’s say that you’ve met a guy at work.

You think he’s cute, and he always comes by to talk to you…

But he takes jabs at you. He’s always joking around and poking fun at you.

He seems like he likes you but he’s always making fun of you.


Why do men always seem to take jabs at women they like?

Well, it’s really because most men are nothing but “moys”: men and boys put together— man-boys if you will.

Men never grow up in certain ways. It’s probably the reason why we’re so adorable at times and so frustrating in others.

And men are definitely not as emotionally mature as women.

So a man usually resorts to teasing when they feel most vulnerable. When they like you, they will tease you. It’s very passive aggressive male behavior.

So the next time a guy teases you, don’t get all offended by it. Realize that that’s his attempt at vulnerability.

Unless of course he teases you and says something mean. Then at that point, you can look at him and say, “I do not appreciate this type of teasing. I like it when…” and then you can describe what you like.

I know, some men just take the teasing a little too far.

But this is all about understanding men.

Fun isn’t it?

If you want to understand us a little bit more, send me a question. Send me an e-mail, and I’ll be sure to turn it into a blog. I want to hear what your questions are and what your frustrations are, so I can help you through it.


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Written by David Wygant
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Why Men Tease

Written by David Wygant

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