Who I am to Judge Another

Who I am to Judge Another

Who I am to judge another…when I walk imperfectly

19 thoughts on “Who I am to Judge Another”

  1. I’m too egotistic to judge. I don’t have time to judge you unless you are going to be apart of my life lol If Im not planing on dating the person or hang with them, I don’t need to judge. The person have to play a big part in my life in order for me to judge. They say judge is wrong but if someone use drugs I won’t judge that person for using it, I judge whether I should be spending time with that person. And, I don’t care if girls are sluts, I don’t judge but if that girl is going to be my girlfriend I would judge her. Not to say, she’s wrong, or call her names like slut, or hore but just to verify whether she’s my type. And I won’t tell her why neither. Everyone judge, especially if that person will play a big part in their life. I treat everyone as my friends and I don’t judge because I’m distant from people. I don’t get that close to people to get personal. I’m not here for that. I’m here to raise my vibration.

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