Pick a Symbol Of Death and We’ll Tell Which Halloween God or Goddess You Are

Symbol Death Tell Halloween God Goddess

If you picked Hades, then you probably already know that Death is just another – yet exciting realm. Hades symbolizes our subconscious and our powerful psychic abilities. Hence you’ve already come across some spirits and probably you’ve already been guided by them. You know that Death is not the end yet you are not quite sure what there is beyond life. What you already know however is that Death is a rich realm where life continues. 

4… you are The Morrigan

Symbol Death Tell Halloween God Goddess You morrigan

You picked Perthro, the Rune which speaks of risks, the sacred feminine sexuality, death, birth, and time’s mysteries. Everything the Morrigan symbolizes. As we read in the Samhain Gods and Goddesses, The Morrigan is a warrior goddess that is associated with death and is often represented by a trio of ravens. It is she who decides who shall leave the battlefield alive and who shall be carried away on their shields. 

If you picked the Morrigan then life and death are truly an endless adventure for you and the more you search the more you discover amazing things and reasons to fight for. Life is an endless battle for Wisdom and you are a divine Warrior born in this world to search for the truth. The truth is out their dear reader. Thank you for having you on our team! 

5… you are Yama

Symbol Death Tell Halloween God Goddess You yama

You’ve picked Danda, the wooden weapon of Yama, the God of Death in Hinduism. He is fierce yet fair and good. He directs the souls of the departed ones to a temporary purgatory where the soul is purified of sin by its suffering. A true Halloween God you might think. This is only a procedure where the soul needs to let go of the darkness and s/he could move on to the higher realms. 

If you picked Yama then you probably feel that you need to suffer for your sins – which apparently you bear as a heavy burden on your heart. However, you don’t have to. Yama, only reminds us that we need to forgive ourselves and start anew. His “scary” appearance is only meant to scare our sins off. Cleanse your Karma and start anew!

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6…you are Freya

Symbol Death Tell Halloween God Goddess You freya

You’ve picked Beorc, the Rune of Birch, a tree associated with Freya. Normally Freya is associated with fertility and abundance, but she is also known as a goddess of battle and war. Half of the man that died in battle would go to Valhalla, but the rest would join Freya in Folkvangr as we read in the Gods of Samhain. Moreover, Freya is a patroness of Witches and Divination – read more about Freya in a detailed article here!

If you picked Freya, then you truly believe in an exotic Realm of Death where your soul will freely hang out with dwarves, elves, and other enlightened beings. Death is a beautiful doorway, a bit scary but exciting too. You are keen on contacting the spirits of the Dead. Therefore I would recommend you to try the Automatic Writing. You are close to your ancestors. 

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