Which Animal Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Animal Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Animal Are You?

Aries – Panda
Always hungry
Attached and empathetic

Taurus – Bat
Useless before 5pm
A leader
Very reliable

Gemini – Hippo
Big mouth
Always underestimated
Very caring

Cancer – Roester
Early bird
Screams when angry
A charmer

Leo – Chameleon
Sees everything
A bit lazy

Virgo – Seal
Don’t tease or you’ll suffer
Will do anything for food

Libra – Goat
Don’t like compromises
Wants to be the boss

Scorpio – Monkey
Very handy
Extremely social
Sometimes is an asshole

Sagittarius – Fish
Doesn’t care as much
Great orientation
Likes to be fed

Capricorn – Camel
Can drink a lot
Bit weird
Always chewing

Aquarius – Cockatoo
Talks too much
Has great style
Needs attention

Pisces – Sloth
No stress
Always chill
Motivated with food


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