Where Are You From

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

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  1. Mao, a small hillstatiom located in extreme northeast state of Manipur, India. Although mistaken for mongoloid race by mainland countrymen and perceived as tree dwellers, cannibals and head hunter…we are thriving and in sync with modernity.

  2. Im come from London , England , Great Britain ,
    An island full of history and beautiful countryside and culture , its a shame that our goverment only work for the rich !!!

  3. I am from acountry in Africa called Kenya, where Parliament approves a bill to out source maize on a Tuesday. The bill is signed on a Wednesday by President and tendering done on a Thursday the on Friday then ship comes from Mexico arrives in port at Mombasa in less than 24hrs. The you remain wondering how long it takes a ship to cruise from Mexico to Kenya?”

  4. I come from the tropical country, where has many rivers and forests. The weather has 4 season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. That is a belt of land have ‘S’ shadow. Do you know my country’s name??

  5. From the place known for its natures beauty,showing that beauty isnt just a feast of the eyes but at thesame time everywhere u look will give u peace,and energized mind , a big help to face everthing of what tomorrow will bring, Aurora philippines.

  6. The city that’s a perfect blend of our rich heritage as well as a gateway to the new world…Chennai….from.the land of Tamils…..we are a part of the complex yet beautiful and utterly incomprehensible mighty India!

  7. Conceved in a truck stop bathroom between FL and New Orleans born Jefferson Parrish. Raised on expic journeys that took me thru South America and up our East coast. We traveled and exploried. Life was good.

  8. Grandparents from Germany and Turkey. Born and raised in the Midwest of the U S. Married a U S Navy guy we were stationed and traveled the U S. One child born in Virginia, one Child born in Oahu Hawaii

  9. From place where live very evil peoples. Short heartred, thiefs, sceemers, scums, frauds, whores, yes town where you can bay love with money like baying smokes in trafic station. Here is like in every east europe country. Womens are so easy just bring enough money they openly give opinion on forums how they love strangers for money. I curse Clinton every day for left them alive. I fucking hate people.

  10. 89 Hospital Västervik, Kalmar Län, Småland, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, Earth, Planetary System, Milky Way, Local Galaxy Group, Virgo- Superkluster, Laniakea- Supercluster, Cosmos.

    1. Darren Webb The flag does not stand for Bad shit. The government and the ideals of the flag are two very different things if you haven’t realized that you may need to go back to school…

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