When Zodiac Signs Are In A Love Triangle


When They’re In A Love Triangle

ARIES – Breaks both hearts, starts talking to more people the same day.

GEMINI – Marries both of them, fakes death and builds new life abroad where they do it again.

LEO – Arranges a threesome, gets bored and dumps them.

TAURUS – Marries both and kills one when they get caught.

CANCER – They will choose the one they’ve known the longest and regret it a few years later when it’s too late.

VIRGO – Marries both, successfully maintains a double life until they die and their families fight over their stuff.

LIBRA – Turns it into a polyamorous relationship.

SCORPIO – Has a threesome, gets jealous and buries them both alive.

SAGITTARIUS – Dates both people until the sex gets boring or they meet someone new.

CAPRICORN – Uses both relationships to sell x-rated videos online, becomes famous and dumps them both after earning enough money.

PISCES – Gets ghosted by both of them.

AQUARIUS – Ghosts both of them.

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