When the night was Dark and Darker

When the night was Dark and Darker


“Wise Pick” – A new chapter in My Mind Talk Section

As you all pour in your thoughts as comments on our posts, we pick the best of lines and feature on our Wise Pick Section of My Mind Talk.  #wisepick all your thoughts you want to feature with us.

2 thoughts on “When the night was Dark and Darker”

  1. “Hugs are powerful. They can be the comfort you need at the end of a long frustrating day, the impetus to express your grief, a display of complete happiness. They can communicate “I have missed you” as much as “you will be missed.” They can mean the difference between feeling connected or isolated, between hope and despair. Never underestimate the power of a hug or of your ability to ground another person long enough for them to catch their breath, and see the possibilities they may have missed. Hug often. Hug well.” ~

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