When The Egos Of Parents Are In A Tangle

When the egos of parents are in a tangle
Rinku Shah


When the egos of parents 
are in a tangle.
The child is left to dangle.


Sulekha Pande


In the war of parents,
the child suffers the most.


Sulekha Pande


When the mountain of egos 
stands tall,
it’s almost always the child,
that takes the fall.
Drishti Nagdeo


If parents continue with 
the game of accusation,
Their child will be caught 
in an ugly middle position. 


The rift between the parents,
Fueled by hate and ego,
They seem to have no problem,
But where will the child go,
When it witnesses the only world 
known to it fall apart 
as a new life it begins to start…
Priyanka Tripathi


Issues in marriage 
due to ego and arrogance,
Causing the fall 
in the child’s temperament!
Even if the child survives this trauma,
How will he handle 
this unhealed life drama! 
Rinku Shah


Like a bough snaps,
A marriage too cracks.
Selfish parents remain busy,
Leaving the child in a tizzy.
Please end this drama,
Papa and Mamma!



Sherry Greene


The disagreements of the parents 
Leave children in a dangerous place
Dangling in a precipice
Forced to make a choice
Never being whole again



Joyce Gibson


And when the bough breaks 
the cradle will fall 
and down will come 
baby ..cradle and all 
Shilpa Patel


Consequences of your actions
affects not only you
but your children too


Gary Shiells


You can’t repair it
with a baby

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