When I Think About The Zodiac Signs

When I Think About The Zodiac Signs

When I Think About Them

Aries: I think of confidence. Someone who is ready for anything that gets thrown at them.

Taurus: I think of someone who is kind. Someone who has been hurt but still finds the courage to be abundantly kind to everyone.

Gemini: I think of the life of the party. Someone who is fun, adventurous and a friend who is always there for you.

Cancer: I think of tenderness. Someone who is passionate about giving people the love they never received

Leo: I think of depth. Someone who gets the deeper parts of life, intellect and spirituality.

Virgo: I think of resilience. Someone who will go to far lengths for anyone whom they love.

Libra: I think of a loving heart. Someone who understands and someone who wants to help people.

Scorpio: I think of passion. Someone who’s heart is constantly on fire with what they feel.

Sagittarius: I think of someone who listens. Someone who seeks to communicate with other people about the world and understand all points of view.

Capricorn: I think of determination. Someone who will chase what they want until they no longer can.

Aquarius: I think of someone who is in touch with their inner child. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Pisces: I think of emotional depth. Someone who is empathetic towards other people as well as them.


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