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This See First Quiz Shows Who You Truly Are

This See First Quiz Shows Who You Truly Are

Like snowflakes, we all are unique. No two people see the same thing. A See First Quiz is a perfect indicator that shows who you truly are; you may look at the same object or person, yet you use your own discernment, perception, and experience to come to your own conclusions.

Our brain regulation plays an important role in how we view the world. More often than not, we are not even aware of how our mind has been programmed over the years, and how our personality influences our life decisions. It is therefore important to know ourselves better and a See First Quiz like this can be a fun and effective way to do just that.

There are several types of personality quizzes available that help to reveal various aspects of one’s psyche. This quiz is created to enable you to discover who you truly are based on what you see first or what your brain identifies first, and what that says about your personality.

Sounds fun? Let’s try then. Just look at the below-given images and choose one of the options denoting the object you saw first. Don’t think too much about it and just play the quiz in a light-hearted manner. It may not be as accurate as an inkblot test at a psychologist’s chamber, but chances are the results will hit home.

So, who are you really?

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This See First Quiz Can Accurately Reveal Who You Truly Are

1. Trees Or Tiger 

What do you see first is who you truly are tiger or tree

What Did You See First?


If you saw trees, it means that you are an intuitive person. You are also quite laid-back in your approach and generally don’t rush into anything.


If you saw the tiger, it means that you have a strong and dominant personality. You can make hard decisions and you always follow through.

2. Pillars Or People

what do you see first pillars or people quiz

What Did You See First?


If you saw pillars first, it could mean that you value stability, comfort, and security in your life. You do not tend to take risks and prefer to always play it safe.


If you saw people, you are a bohemian at heart. You don’t like to grow roots and stay confined in routine life. Life is nothing but a big adventure for you and you are an explorer of the world.

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3. Snail or Map or Skull

what do you see first snail map skull quiz

What Did You See First?


If you saw the snail first, it means that you are a person who is always high on life. You perceive life as an endless opportunity to do things that your heart desires. You enjoy the company of your friends but do not tolerate any kind of interference or restrictions from anyone.


If you saw the map, you have an artistic and creative mind. You see the world with intense curiosity and then interpret what you perceive through your art. Like any artist, you are easy-going and laid-back.


If you saw the skull, you are an empathetic soul who loves to nurture others. You go out of your way to help others, yet prefer to work alone. You detest unjust and unfair treatment of the weak and poor, and always raise your voice when needed.

4. Saxophonist or Tiger

what do you see first is who you truly are saxophonist or tiger

What Did You See First?


If you saw the saxophonist first, chances are you are a social butterfly. You tend to become the center of attention everywhere you go and have a natural prowess to attract people toward you.


If you saw the tiger, it means you hate gatherings and loud music. Being around a lot of people for a long time drains you both emotionally and physically. You are a private person who likes to keep it quiet.

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5. Woman or Old Man

what do you see first in the quiz is who you truly are

What Did You See First?


If you saw the woman first, then it would imply that you use the left side of your brain more, that is responsible for analytical thinking. You are a logical person who can be perceived as cold or distant often by others.

Old Man

If you saw the old man first, it means you use the right side of your brain more than the left side. This part of the brain makes you sensitive, emotional, and gentle toward the feelings of others.

6. Baby or Couple or Trees

what you see first is who you truly are baby couple trees

What Did You See First?


If you saw the baby, it means you prefer your own company and do not like to go out or party a lot. Your friends may call you antisocial but you never let that make you feel guilty for wanting some peace and quiet.


You love your friends a lot and will do anything for their happiness. You do not like to attend big and loud parties but to hang out with some close friends.


You are an extrovert and have an outgoing personality. You hate boredom and are always looking for fun and exciting things to happen. You love change and love going on adventures.

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We hope you have enjoyed this quiz and successfully unlocked hidden insights about your personality. Remember knowing yourself is important and only when you know what you like and want in your life, you can set your standards accordingly and know who you truly are.

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