What Kind Of Lover Is Each Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Lover Is Each Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Lovers Are They?  

1. Aries: Someone comfortable, relaxed, someone who feels like home.

2. Taurus: They can be demanding as touch is their language of love.

3. Gemini: Someone passionate and giving, someone who will take that extra step for them.

4. Cancer: Excellent kisser and a master with physical affection.

5. Leo: Remembers your favorite foods, songs, and the names of your friends. 6. Virgo: They’re very cute, you’ll catch them idly staring at you.

7. Libra: They’ll leave you little notes around the house and go for date nights.

8. Scorpio: Tries to keep it cool and casual but is maybe a little bit smitten.

9. Ophiuchus: They’re creative, passionate, a bit wild but, can be pretty intense at times.

10. Sagittarius: Writes love letters to you even though you talk every day and is a great cook.

11. Capricorn: Teases you, cracks jokes but, your own personal hype squad, and is protective of you.

12. Aquarius: Gives you space, understands that you have your own life, but enjoys every moment they spend with you.


Louisa Alcott