What it means to love her… all of her

What it means to love her... all of her

What it means to love her… all of her – lost love included…what it means to love an empath…

She will sometimes become cold and distant. This is a reaction to her feeling misunderstood and a way of guarding her heart against harsh words you may inflict. Hold her tightly, without a word and don’t let go until you’ve drawn her back to you.

She will remember every little detail about you if she genuinely loves you and wants you as a part of her life. From your bent pinky to the curves on the side of your lips which are as close to the gates of your thoughts as your eyes are.

She will feel the pain of those around her, those who you feel are insignificant but to her they are pieces of her past, present and future. This is purely a reflection of the pureness of her heart.

She has a past, one that existed without you.
Yes she may be broken and rough around the edges now, but she was once happy in that past. It may be hard for you to believe that this happiness was no cause from your actions but rather another’s.

She loves fiercely, resisting all logic and this is exactly the way she’s loved him
Yes she may still love him and that fact alone should show you how much and completely she is capable of loving.

Sometimes all she needs is a listening heart – not a judging mind
She may never be able to love and live the same but when she decides to even love again… she will do so in her entirety.

The way she feels saddened by her past has no reflection of her present and future with you. To love her completely and the way she needs to be loved, you have to accept and believe this.

She will one day watch the the sun set in your eyes and hear the birds morning call in your heart and this past that you try so hard to understand and judge will all just be a distant memory because although you may never understand her in this – you would have learnt how to handle her in this… her most vulnerable vise.

Signed….an empath

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