What Food Cravings and Favorite Flavors Reveal About Personality

It is a well-known fact that the way someone walks and talks reveals a lot about their personality. Not so long ago you were treated to an article What Your Eye Color Says about You. Today we are going to explore the concept of determining one’s personality based on food cravings and preferred flavors.

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, a neurologist, insists that our food cravings and favorite flavors can determine our personality. Now this is a really baffling contention. The walls are falling down real quick. It’s as if we can have no more secrets. Now even our taste buds are giving us away.

Let’s see what your food cravings and preferred flavors indicate about your personality.

Spicy food

You may be a control freak and details matter a lot. The perfectionists who will lose sleep if their books are not closed and stacked properly on the book shelf. Disorder drives you crazy. You like order and if things are not where they are supposed to be, you cannot rest. Apart from order, wasting time gets your goat. You don’t like wasting time and also those who make you do it, people and events that are beyond your control.


You’re the one with the balls – the adventure lover who likes to go wild, hog wild. You like to be in the spotlight, like to be appreciated by others and treated like you are special. There are no limits for you and you would like to regret what you have done rather than never doing it.

Salty Food

You’re the one blessed with faith. You believe in fate and that everything that happens was destined to happen. People who like salty food tend to think everything is predestined and there is hardly anything they can do to alter it. They believe that whether you do something or you don’t it was meant to be.

Combination of Sweet and Salty

If you like to dip that sweet apple in salt or preferably take salty chips with chocolate chips or anything of the sort, this maybe your flavour personality.

People who like this combination are often introverts possibly to the extent of being a loner. They are highly imaginative and creative people. They lack patience though. They tend to be private and self-centred. Oh… and yes they are not very friendly with people with less ability in whatever talent or skill they have.

If you prefer chocolates…

Milk chocolate

You are an introvert. You love silence and peace. Solitude is your second home and you would choose a book over a party any day.

Dark Chocolate

You’re a born leader. You love to socialize and the spotlight’s on you always. You’re the life of a party. You’re the first one to dive into any adventure or project. Fun loving and full of energy, you define life to others.

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