What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

Food craving personality

The type of food you crave for is a window to your inner landscape. Here’s your food craving personality.

It is a well-known fact that the way someone walks and talks reveals a lot about their personality. Not so long ago you were treated to an article What Your Eye Color Says about You. Today we are going to explore the concept of determining one’s personality based on food cravings and preferred flavors.

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, a neurologist, insists that our food cravings and favorite flavors can determine our personality. Now, this is a really baffling contention. The walls are falling down real quick. It’s as if we can have no more secrets. Now even our taste buds are giving us away.

Let’s see what your food cravings and preferred flavors indicate about your personality.

Spicy food

What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

You may be a control freak and details matter a lot. The perfectionists who will lose sleep if their books are not closed and stacked properly on the bookshelf. Disorder drives you crazy and you may also have body temperature issues i.e trouble cooling down. You like order and if things are not where they are supposed to be, you cannot rest.

Apart from order, wasting time gets your goat. You don’t like wasting time and also those who make you do it, people, and events that are beyond your control. Also, spicy food lovers engage in traveling and exploring new places, restaurants, and always on the go.

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What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

You’re the one with the balls – the adventure lover who likes to go wild, hog wild. You like to be in the spotlight, like to be appreciated by others, and treated like you are special. There are no limits for you and you would like to regret what you have done rather than never doing it. Sweet craving personalities are hard-working, try to finish everything on their to-do list moving from one task to another and feeling exhausted.


What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

Craving for cheese means you are are in need of physical and mental nourishment. Cheese is made of milk, which is an essence of maternal care and nourishment to keep a baby healthy. People having issues with mother in life; either lack of motherly care or overprotective nature of your mother, then you may like to have more cheese in your diet.

Cheese lovers are also bold and social butterflies. You may seek community support to resolve issues of love and care in life. Pen down your issues and create a space within your friend circle or near and dear ones to express yourself and feel relaxed

Crunchy/crispy foods

What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

People who love crunchy food may have anger or unresolved issues associated with a particular person in their life. You may want to snap back at someone but feel restrained or seek validation for good things you have done. Eating crunchy food gives you the artificial center stage.

Crunchy food lovers are punctual and love challenges, but are work-obsessed grinds. Writing journals can help you vent out your anger and release what you have been bottling up for so long years, which can be a win-win for all.

Ice Cream

What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

Ice creams are always associated with carefree summer afternoons. Eating ice cream imparts a feeling of freedom and is good for self-comfort, which is why we want to have one when we are hurt. Ice cream lovers are like a free spirit but may have deep hurts. You can heal yourself by maintaining a reflective journal or taking a bath, walking, or riding a bike.

According to Hirsch’s findings, if you love Vanilla flavor ice-cream, you’re more likely to be impulsive and an idealist. Those who love Chocolate ice-cream, you’re more likely to be dramatic, flirtatious, and gullible. If you are a favorite flavor is Very Berry Strawberry, then you are a tolerant and introverted person. People who like Mint Chocolate Chip, are mostly argumentative, frugal, and cautious.


What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

You are an information absorber and always want to be at the forefront. You can go the extra mile to get the work done, but with excess caffeine, you end up with mental exhaustion. In the quest to be a mentally sharp person, you consume excessive caffeine. Try soda instead, to give your mind a break and concentrate on your work easily.

Salty Food

What Your Food Cravings Reveal About Your Personality

Do you always crave for salt, no matter what you eat? If yes, then you’re an easy-going person. You’re blessed with faith and believe that everything that happens was destined to happen. People who like salty food tend to think everything is predestined and there is hardly anything they can do to alter it.

They believe that whether you do something or you don’t it was meant to be. When we eat lots of salt, it helps us to “go with the flow” of life and relax. Salt cravings also indicate a lack of sufficient nutrients in your body.

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    1. I really think he’s on target, I’m feeling in my spirit craving sweets or chocolate we’re craving the sweetness of life or true love. Chocolate release ,the same Chemicals in the brain as the ones that are released when we’re in love. The Famous Louise Hays whose published many articles as well as Recovery material from Hazelton has said , when people,are Diabetic it’s emotionally due to where has the Love gone? Hum there’s far more to us than we know. Self Discovery is a very good thing thing…I feel knowing and understanding oneself were better able to understand others.

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